Why Is Sales Tax Compliance Important to Small Business Owners?

Don’t let the complexities of sales tax rates, use tax rules and tax exemption management take you away from running your small business.

When you started your small business, you probably didn’t plan to spend your days calculating sales tax rates or answering customer questions about which of your products and services are taxable. But if you don’t have an efficient process in place, navigating the complexities of sales tax compliance can consume your time—and take you away from what’s really important, like making sales and growing your business.

In this video, Avalara’s Pat Falle explains what sales tax compliance means to small business owners and how automation can prevent the headaches and hassles of sales tax collection. Falle discusses the importance of:

  • Collecting sales tax from customers for products and services
  • Remitting consumer use tax on your applicable purchases
  • Maintaining a clean paper trail for sales tax exemptions
  • Why customers demand transparency in sales tax rates

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