Orlando IRS Tax Audits

You may not be aware of this, but since the onset of the Obama administration, the IRS has doubled its staff of auditors.  As a result, the chances that you may be selected for an IRS tax audit in Orlando has now doubled. Additionally, the Service has stepped up its efforts to match up 3rd party documents, i.e. 1099’s, to tax returns and send out deficiency notices demanding additional taxes for filed returns.  If you are called in for an IRS tax audit or get a notice from the Service you may not want to go it alone.  The IRS has procedures in place for collecting information and additional taxes. Therefore, having an experienced Orlando CPA to represent you will help insulate you from an unpleasant situation. In addition, the issues need to be addressed and defended based on facts and real numbers.  Also, the Service can make mistakes of fact and application that ultimately can result in a notice requesting additional taxes. therefore, the manner in which the facts are presented are just as important as the facts themselves.  Bernard Kiesel, CPA, is admitted to practice in front of the IRS and can act as your professional representative and Power of Attorney for Tax Purposes.  He has been representing taxpayers since 1986 and knows how to identify the issues and respond to the IRS with the taxpayer’s best interest as the main objective.  If you have an issue with an IRS tax audit that needs to be resolved, call 407-677-1040 for a Free Consultation.  Our expert Orlando CPA will evaluate your situation and can help get those issues resolved for you.