When running a business, it’s easy to put the needs of the business above your own, but letting your business run your life is a path to further stress.

The day-to-day operations of your business shouldn’t get in the way of your financial planning and goals. Instead, embrace these smart tips to keep on track with your business finances so you have the time and energy left over to devote to your own desires. 

1. Perfect Your Daily Habits

Make note of all the things in running your business that regularly take up your time and organize your days to be able to manage them. Get into a consistent daily process that gives you room to get what you need done and sets up daily expectations that will keep your business running smoothly.

2. Organize Expenses Regularly

Instead of waiting for the end of the year to figure out expenses, incorporate time to organize your receipts into your weekly schedule. Categorizing things regularly will save you stress and time down the line, trying to remember and track down what each transaction entailed.  

Work with a CPA or certified tax professional to ensure that your business is taking full advantage of deductions, write-offs and other tax advantages. Working with professionals will also ensure you’re staying informed about constantly changing tax laws and regulations

3. Chunk Your Year

Set goals for each month or quarter that keep you and your business on the right track. Frequent deadlines give you the motivation to keep on top of things and also give you room to pivot when necessary if something needs improvement without losing a whole year, trying to make it work.

4. Embrace Technology

There are countless tools on the market meant to make managing every aspect of your business easier. From marketing to inventory management, technology tools abound, and doing a little research to see what ones would work best for your business, can save you tons of time and money in the long run.

5. Delegate

Don’t put responsibility for everything on yourself; doing that will only cause you unnecessary stress. Delegate or outsource whenever a task is going to cost you too much attention or energy.

6. Digitize Your Paperwork

Managing physical paperwork in a digital world is a waste of time, space, trees and money. Utilize the available tools to put your paperwork online.

7. Prioritize Financial Reporting

Even if you don’t have investors who require financial reports, it’s important for you to have the information that regular profit and loss statements, balance sheets and other financial reports can give you.

8. Hire a Financial Planner for Your Business

Financial Planners understand the ins and outs of managing money. Not only do they know how to keep on top of finances, they can also offer valuable advice about how to push your business forward with smart financial steps. Let a professional handle the financial management of your business and sleep better at night knowing your business’s money is in good hands.

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